Tips How to Play Monkey Thunderbolt correctly and win
[ 17-07-2017 ]

Tips How to Play Monkey Thunderbolt correctly and win

Trusted online casino in Malaysia - For fans of the IBC003 online casino is no stranger to the slot game Monkey Thunderbolt. IBC003 online slot is a pioneer of this slot game monkey lightning.

Slot players who have tried the popular slot games like Bonus Bears, Highway Kings, and Treasure captain will experience a new excitement when they place their bets with Thunderbolt monkeys. In addition to the exciting game, Monkey Thunderbolt is very rewarding as well. Racing gambling games have many great prizes to be installed for the casino. Since recently, this game Monkey Thunderbolt is hard to win as it used to be. For it constantly updates their systems to make it more difficult for you to win. For this procedure, we will teach you how to play monkey Thunderbolt in a correct order. This tip was our own practice. Ok, to play monkey Thunderbolt, start with a capital of RM100. The necessity for every RM1 bet is the first bet. Please note that these steps:

1. Capital of RM100

2. RM1 bet at RM100, RM125, and RM175 home. (Repeat until you have, often up to 15 times to make a new bet)

3. Repeat the above steps until the hit on the value of homes were threatened. For example, if misplaced RM100, RM100 here your revenue. Follow our experience for the percentage of you winning the next bet is huge. To move to 4;

4. After you've done step 3, start your bet on a large scale, the value of RM2, RM3, RM4 or any part of your ability. At this stage, winning is very high.


How to win the game Monkey Thunderbolt?

In fact, there is no way to win big or how to hack the game Thunderbolt monkey because everything is luck. If your luck is good then you'll hit the jackpot. Many of these online gambling sites offer the game of your favorite slots. Select the best place to play slots game- the online casino Malaysia. Among the simple slot game to win, this is the game most widely selected, players simply note these tips and make the correct process would have a very high chance of winning. Players who want to win with interesting tips on online slots games with ease, this is exactly what you need to know.

Above is a simple trick to win the main Monkey Thunderbolt. If you want to win, do not forget us. Join us now at IBC003 to claim your 100% welcome bonus!