More about casino betting
[ 30-06-2017 ]

More about casino betting

If a casino as a product, then the casino can be said that the user experiences the best place, as the Internet industry with a high degree of the similar gaming industry, since the advent of the infinite scenery. Leaving aside the word of mouth, the gaming industry has done a perfect combination of business value and user experience.

1. To extend the player stay time at the Casino lobby 

Casino appearance design is basically ambit light, arouse the players desire for wealth, followed by the casino structure, the operators have done a clever arrangement: players can easily enter the casino, but the export is more difficult to find, so both to increase the retention time, but also increased the player was attracted to re-start the possibility of gambling.

2. To create a different sense of winning and losing the scene when betting at casino

When the player bet is to use the exchange of money, to reduce the sense of money, and not to bet on the number of judgments to win or lose the harvest as a criterion for judging, even if the user is only the principal of the general also judged to win, Of the tray selection of relatively large material, so that everyone can hear the winner of the harvest.

3. Casino company like Allbet, AG gaming, Leocity88, GD Suit, 855 Crown, Premium Suite are relatively fair and unpredictable feedback mechanism

What kind of product can make people excited and unable to stop? An answer is a slot machine. Slot machine allows players to addiction, the key is that it provides feedback, hidden mystery everywhere, but the purpose is only one, that is, people can not stop. Play slot machine people know that the rules of the slot machine are not fair, people who play slot machines tend to lose more wins, seemingly probability is random, in fact, the slot machine rate will never exceed 90%, but feedback to the people The feeling is certainly random, the output of the slot machine is weighted random, popular point is that the white key and low pay key appears more than the probability of the number of awards appear more. In order to stimulate the player has been playing down, the opportunity to use the sound of the tiger and the panel to stimulate the user to produce a little different to win the psychological, the way is to let the lights stay in the betting key of the former, or to stay in the charge Note, but the last one without pressure, it will make the player produce a little almost won the psychological, prompting the player has been playing down, while the player to win, no matter how much, this time the feedback is particularly exaggerated, Bells, lights, and so on, so that users have a kind of psychological in the award.